Saturday, May 19, 2018

Heading to the 2018 OM World Finals

If you are reading this post it is a good bet that you are following a green Dodge Ram pick-up truck with plastic wrapped cargo. The World Duct Tape collection on its way to the Odyssey of the Mind 2018 World Finals in Ames, Iowa May 23 - 26. Where over 40,000 kids from all over the U.S. and many world countries will compete to solve problems and make memories to last a lifetime. They will also be doing some serious pin trading and that is where I in true OM fashion have take the path less traveled. I am collecting rolls of Duct Tape from all 200+ countries of the world. To date I have the rolls from 80 world countries and the stories to go with them.  For the latest list of rolls in the collection just visit the blog  ducttape2thefuturelist.blogspot

There are many stories and pictures about the World Duct Tape collection on this blog read on and enjoy a story or two. Maybe you can get a roll from a country I do not have and send it to me.  If not maybe I'll see you in Ames!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Getting the Duct Tape collection ready to "roll"

Collection rolls of Duct Tape from world countries is a journey not a race. Hard to believe that it has been two years since the last OM Worlds in Ames and here is a picture of all the rolls that I have collected since then. Eighteen rolls and a great story to go with each of them. The stories get logged and then published on this blog, but I don't put rolls on the world map for awhile.

So I rolled out the collection and got to work today. Since I will be taking the collection to OM Worlds in Ames, Iowa again this year I refreshed myself with how the whole display goes. Tricky but got the hang of it pretty quick.

To mount the new rolls I have to split the two halves, United States rolls and World Countries in half and lay down the World side. This way I can mount each roll and run a string from the roll to the pin in the country the roll came from.

Wow! With rolls from 80 different world country this map is just about full. I will be getting another world map and working on how to  modify the case and place a piece of 1/2" plywood as a leaf in-between the two halves. This way I can go all the way and get the remaining 120+ countries to finish the collection. That is going to be an OM worthy problem to solve.

OK all put together and looking pretty full on the world map side. And heavy.

All closed up and wheels on ready to "roll". OM World Finals here we come. Will be displaying the collection around the main pin trading area if the weather is nice. Stop, say hi and take a look at the one of its kind WORLD DUCT TAPE COLLECTION.  Check out the list of rolls in the collection at ducttape2thefuturelist.blogspot