Thursday, September 14, 2017

Duct Tape from Malta

And the story goes:

Roll number 75 is from Malta. So in March of 2017 the word goes out that the Timber Framers Guild is going to build a 90 foot bridge at this years conference being held in Madison, Wisconsin and they are looking for help. As a member and having a keen interest in bridge building I get involved and help out.

To check out the bridge project here is a link and go to the 5/23/17 post

The bridge designer Richard Latrobe-Bateman from England and his son Will are in Madison and while working on the bridge we get to talking about the World Duct Tape Collection. Imagine that! Will says that he is going to friends wedding in Malta in a few weeks and he will get a roll for the collection. When he gets to he castle (no kidding) he remembers the duct tape mission but everything is closed. But resourceful person that Will is he sees the DJ at the wedding reception using duct tape to hold down his wiring and Will makes a connection to secure the roll and a new friend. Great story Will and thanks for adding roll #75 to the collection. To see the list of all the rolls I have to date click on this link.

Maybe you or someone you know can get a roll for the collection and send it to me. When I get your roll I will send you one of the 1 in 200 red brass coins pictured above. It will be engraved with the countries name, date and roll number.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

#74 Iceland added to collection

Eric "Gracy" Gracyainy took on the mission to get a roll of Duct Tape from Iceland and did it with gusto! Here he is standing outside Brynja ( a local hardware store in Iceland. A visit to Hallgrimskirkja, Reykjavik's State Street got the job done. Looking at their website shows that have an impressive line of tools and Duct Tape!

And Gracy will soon have his own one of a kind ( 1 of 200 ) World Duct Tape coin #74 to prove it.

Gracy and Chris at Brynja in Iceland with the prize. Gracy says he also had another mission and that was to get a shot glass from Iceland to add to his collection of almost 200 of them! So here's to Gracy.

If you are traveling or know someone click this link. to see the list of world countries I already have in the World Duct Tape Collection. Get a roll from a country NOT on the list for the collection I will blog your story and send you a Duct Tape Coin.  126 countries to go.